Fire Extinguisher

The Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are important equipment that should be available on each household. However, according to the research that was done very few people had installed them. Many people people ignore the importance of these fire extinguishers, but what people ignore is that they can be very helpful in putting out small fire that occur on household frequently. There are different types of fire extinguishers, which are available today.
They are recommended by fire association for putting of fire that originates from different sources. Having fire extinguishers in your home can prevent fire from burning down the whole building.

Category A
These are fire extinguishers are designed for fires that originate from home items. These household items can quickly ignite fire they include paper materials and other furniture. This fire extinguisher uses water to put out the fire. The intial a stand A for ash, this due to the fact that after burning the household items the end product is ashes.

Category B
Type B extinguishers are designed to specifically put out fires that originate from highly flammable liquid materials. Examples of these liquid include oil products that maybe found on the house. According to the fire department, the letter A on these extinguishers stands for barrel.
Since most of these products are transported on barrels containers. The number that is found on these containers, represent the distance it can cover. For instance, A3 represent 3 feet. Therefore, this extinguisher cannot be used to extinguish very large fires.

Category C
Put out fire ignited by electricity. They contain carbon dioxide gas. Here carbon dioxide is used to eliminate oxygen, as oxygen is one of the three elements of fire.

Category D
They are used to put out fire on metals that can ignite themselves and burn. They are commonly used on manufacturing industries. They use dry powder to extinguish fire. They are used where there are metal such as magnesium, sodium or titanium.

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